Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Too Have a Dream

Everymorning i wake up with this thought, what and why am I doing this?

Why should i work and earn peanuts where i feel i can do wonders in this mighty world. I feel there are a whole lot of opportunity surrounding me and i am flushing away my valuable time thinking about doing something rather than get my hands dirty and do something about it. These days my thought are always about do persue euntrapernourship than working for someone. All I have is one life to live, and have already lived almost half of it, and every day i spend 10hours working - 2 hours travelling for work - 4 hours at home doing my daily chores - 8 hours sleeping, majority of time is spend in office doing what i do not like to do.

I remember in one of the steve jobs quote that, one should not be living in somebody elses dream instead build and live in your own dream. Here, while I am writing this blog in office, i am living by considerable part of my day in somebodys dream which may be my companys chairmans or my business unit heads dream, to make this company a large IT service company which I do not care a damn about.I am working everyday in fulfilling his dream while I did not even dare to dream of my own.

I was hearing the Martin Luther King, Jr "I have a dream" speech in TV and reread the lines he spoke in web, how wonderful it was to see ones dream come true and the whole nation strives to make one mans dream come true, it was indeed a big american dream. This also brings me the thought shared my Paulo cholo in "The Alchemist", if you inted to do something then the whole universe help you achieve it.

My constant thought these days is to do something which i feared doing some years ago, there is an adrinial rush of confidence flowing in me and at the same time an contrasting fear which is build around it. Here the challenge for me is to break free from this wall and move ahead, and not allow fear wall rebuild around anywhere. It is a great challenge to move away from the comfort zone and get your hands dirty while you move towards your dream.

My current 9-5 job makes me lazy and does not allow me to think or make things happen sitting at one place, however there are many people who plan their work and do things concurrently, I guess the first thing I need to learn is to know how to multitask.

Here I guess I can work on my dream while I work in office, I have this unwanted pressure which
I create within me,"i need to quit my job and do something", instead i need to multitask and
kickstart what I want to do then after a while resign myself from someone else dream and live my own dream.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Independence Day..

Every year when i hear it, i do not see or experience any faint feeling of happiness towards the so so called independence unless it falls on a Monday or Friday so that a long weekend can be fully utilsed for a personal work or a long ride to tourist spot to find a huge crowd like me celeberating the weekend than the Indpendence.. You may call the above mentioend long weekend to enjoy the way i want itself is a Independence, however i am not talking about this small aspects however a broader picture surrounding the independence myth. we boast or proclaim that we are independent from the British, however i see it as otherwise, we are still ruled not only by Brit but various other foreign countries which are exploting our cheap labour as well as our attitude..

When I was working with a BPO industry i was told our country is best in customer service and wer are the best in any business in convincing a customer, and sell any damn product, right from from cucumber to condom over the phone with a foreign accent. We are trained to move out of our very own mother tongue or native Indian language and speak as a brit or a american accent and over a period of time a one would get into a double life everyday, my felow coleage was know as Prashant in coffee/dinner breaks and Peter during his working hours, you would find an Indian guy with foreign accent with Indian attitude.. i would be happy to see an Indian guy with foreigh attitude or even happier if we may land up outsourcing our coutomer service to an African country which is now considered as a worlds biggest Zoo continent as most tourist are here to see the wild life. Africa as shown in movie "blood diamond" is a picture perfect example of how a rich country can exploit third world country.

When comapred to africa i guess India is in a better and safe zone where the economy or the manpower are exployted instead of the presious life. The Word Globalisation is the wrapup word which covers this exploytation.

A super talented brainy IT guy works for an outsourced project to India, the company in India employs him paying say 50k per month and charges the client X 200k for the same guy, for the same brainy guy the client X has to pay 500k per month if he is employed in USA. So the super brainly guy becomes a cheap Indian resorse as good as a slave with some tips offered by the master instead of salary. In order to do practice this salvery there are good amount of Education Institution which graduates students to the company and boast about the slavery placements and some times this super brainly slave gets to meet his master in a onsite visit which is considered as once in a life time oppertunity and all slaves fight each other at their work place to meet their master. (please consider the word "Slave" in ligher note, this was just to emphasise on the statement) Seldom does the educational institute or the goverment gets involved to raise the thought process of any Indian youth about big picture.

Which is the biggest food chain in India which you find in all cities, leave alone the International KFC, pizzahut, McD, Taco bell etc... quickly name a cool drink of Indian Make .. again leave alone Pepsi n Coke.
Do you ever notice which company ownes tooth brush, paster,toilet soap, bath fittings, the having cream, shampoo, the TV you watch, the cell phone you use,the AC bus which you take to office or the Car, the brand of the cloths you wear, the company you work,the bottled water you drink, the
computer which you use now to read this blog or the blog site itself, this list goes on and on... if you start noticing then probably you could guess the major part of revenue is going to which country.. i am mot completly against this however jus spare a thought on where your money goes and see who is gaining from your choices.

The attitude is like this, if you use a branded product, you are seen or people elevate you to a level higher compared to the product which is not so branded or not branded at all, this stands true even for the lingurine you use. Which movie and which Indian won Oscar- Slumdog Millionaire and AR Rehman(cakewalk rite) and now name any 5 artist in same music catagory in Indian National Film awards which is given from 1954.

BTW what is the problem using an International product and enjoy the spirit and luxuary in it? coz internationla product offers or rather guareentes a gr8 quality, ther is no problem, however can we start counting a list of popular brand owned by an Indian company which foregn national are proud or longing to own, except the Old Monk Rum. We do get jobs and we will prosper when we have foreign investors coming in, however parallelly when are we going to invest in foreign land and at what volumes.

While this debate is on, the polititions exploit indian businessman way beyond imagination, a great example is World cheapest car Tata Nano has to go through tuf challenges from west bengal goverment before it was attempting to manufacture the much awaited car, how easy or difficult is get a work done in a goverment office, you will have your patience and your attitude towards corruption will be tested. You are walking alone in a midnight, you see a fellow citizen and police constable coming in the opposite direction who do you think will be prone to trouble you.

I stopped complaining coz the complaint box is unattended or missing, so act and do what convince you and not the one which convince your community or your surrounding.So my struggle to independence is still on and may there be a day I celebereate the Indendence day!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of the greatest  invention of human race according to me is Motor Vehicle, without which we humans would still be roaming an imaginable distance from our place of birth. I am not intelligent and somewhere during my life courses I once heard “travelling makes a man wiser” and I am now left with this only option to develop myself as my college books did not help me to be one so far.
 It was all written on me, though I did not realize this as late as today, it was my genes. Yes, my grandfather and my dad had this travelling gene, so did I. They travelled across sub continent with some purpose, and me in search of one.

 I remember tat my grandfather used Indian Railways as a medium to travel which is widely used by Indians to travel across which inturn a complex and lengthiest travel travel network in the world. The brain behind Indian Railways was British and I often wish British should have ruled India even now, not considering Indian Railways there are plenty more reasons, which I wish to cover later..

 My first ever longest and overnight train journey was with my grandfather from Coimbatore to Hyderabad, this was when I was studying my fifth grade annual vacation. My grandfather was a silent lean man and with lot of reputation in village and he talked less. During my first ever overnight train journey I was wondering how would one sleep in a moving train, how would one know when we reach the destination? will some one come and wake you up ? A whole lot of questionnaire was scrolling in my mind, but did not bother to ask him…I was gazing at every vendor’s stall when station arrives, and when I am hungry I hesitate to tell my granddad bcoz I was always hungry!!

 We being a mallu family(people from South Indian state Kerala) often had this appetite towards drinking tea at any point of time during the day and even in midnight between middle of a sleep. My gradpa often asked me for Tea I did not hesitate to say yes, however over a period of time I started hating the Tea served in train, however he enjoyed it.. When he asked me for a tea probably it was some 15th time in tat day,  I said no and instead I asked him to buy me a frooti(a mango flavored drink)..Those days frooti was a royal drink and not often you would buy one and drink, drinking frooti was kind of a unwanted luxuary. I do not remember any vendor selling a mineral watter bottles those days..every one carried a bottle with them and people hurry to fill them up at each station.

 I had never seen my grandpa using any other transport other than public transport to commute and I remember him as a frequent traveler. My dad continued his legacy however he used bikes, he had more affinity to bikes and he hated local public transport, he often used to drive us from Coimbatore to Palaghat (kerala) 50-60kms  in his bike along with mom, sis and me. Four of us in a bike is a quite a common travel itinerary in a 2 seater bike and of course this was when sis and me were kids..He often used to change model of bikes I remember his owning a Kelvinator, BSA Bond, Bajaj Cub, Jawa, Lambbrata, Bajaj Chetak to name a few.

 This bike bug did bite me, my first ever bike owned was Royal Enfield 1982 model which is a year older than me i.e., I am 1983 born. Had to sell it off due to numerious mechalical problems and now own 2 motor bikes and a bike(cylce).

A Yamaha Rx135,  Royal Enfield Std 350cc and Firefox FFX Dart 2.0.

 I managed to cover reasonable distance with the above said vehicles and continue to do so probably as I said this is the only option left to grow intelligent as we all heard it some one say before “travelling makes a man wiser”.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picute Blog

Being new to blogging space I was told people write here !!

Guess this is one such revoluition internet has got us into, until few years before people used to pen down their thought in a diary or on a personal books which are accessable to only to oneself, however what was considered so personal is now out in public.. guess this is a revotion of what internet has done to peoples thought process.

I did not not have anything to write about :) I am thinking if i will be even able to write something considering my legacy I carried during my academics. However I came across some blogs which had only pictures n called them as photo blogs.

One good traits which I carry from ma childhood is clicking pictures, I guess this is the only thing which I am proud and confident about myself, so starting my first blog or photo blogs with some series of pictures which I clicked at random occasions.

a note : In my current and future blogs you would find a whole lot of grammatical mistakes which will help you ROLF, however these errors are not intentional.